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Learning The Basics of Playing MineCraft


Minecraft is a game full of guided adventures and quests. The main goal of this game is for you to build it and transform it into anything imaginable. It runs on a 20-minute day and night cycle, with ten minutes daytime, one and a half minutes at sunrise and sunset, and seven minutes of nighttime. During the night, the world is full of darkness, allowing aggressive elements to spawn on the surface. The following are the basics on how to play Minecraft.

minecraft controls

Basic Keys:

*Inventory: E
*Jump: Space
*Moving around: A, D, S, and W
*Crouch or Sneak: Hold Shift
*To choose an item in the inventory hot bar, just press 1 through 9.


When you enter a new world, the two most important things to do are building a shelter and making tools, all before the first night-cycle strikes. Harvesting woods and finding trees are first steps towards crafting tools.

Once you have found trees, punch them using your fist and gather the wood that drops. To harvest resources, just hold down the left mouse button until the cracks break the block. Once the block breaks, walk close to it in order to automatically keep the item in your inventory. Keep punching more trees until you have collected ten pieces of wood.

Minecraft Tree

Now that you’re done gathering woods, find a place where you can build your night-one shelter. Your night-one shelter must be a simple covering that keeps monsters out. Usually, high up areas on the top of the mountains are a perfect place to build.

Once you have found the perfect place, you can now convert your woods into wooden boards. Press ‘E’ to open the inventory, where you should see the 2×2 crafting grid to the right side of your character.

When you put wood into the squares, every piece of wood can be converted into four planks. You can use the wood blocks to make 24 planks, and after that you can now make your first crafting table or workbench.

A crafting table is where you’ll make most items and tools in Minecraft. Thus, be sure to put it in an accessible place. You may open it to see a 3×3 crafting grid, which is similar to the one in the inventory.crafting table

Sticks are necessary to build tools, so put two wooden planks in the crafting grid. Use six of your planks to produce 12 sticks. With sticks and planks in your inventory, you’re ready to create your first set of wooden tools. The first tools you should make are a sword, a shovel, an axe and a pickaxe.


minecraft toolsOnce you have created your tools, you can start building your first night-one shelter. Basically, the purpose of your night-one shelter is to protect you from aggressive monsters that spawn during the night. Ideally you’ve already found your desired location by putting your workbench, but if you think you need to move it you can do so by punching it to pick it up.

Using the wood shovel will be the quickest and the most convenient way to collect dirt for quick walls. However, if there are stones available you can use the wood picaxe to collect it for a stronger barrier. Your shelter should only be enough to cover you on all sides until sunrise.

The last step to a safe and sound first night is finding some cobblestones for your furnace. If you cannot find any visible stone, use the wood shovel to dig through layers of grass or dirt until you start to see some. Once you see stones, use the wood picaxe to collect 20 cobblestone blocks. After collecting enough cobblestones, you may now lock yourself in your shelter. You can then return to your workbench with the cobblestone blocks to start making your furnace.

To build the furnace, put one block of cobblestone in each crafting squares, except for the center-middle square. Be sure to place your furnace in a convenient area near the crafting table.

After building the furnace, you can make torches for a light source during the night. Open the furnace, and put a wooden plank in the bottom square and some wood blocks in the top square to create charcoals. You may use your first piece of charcoal to keep your furnace lit while you continue converting your wood blocks into charcoal.minecraft furnace

Using your newly converted charcoal and remaining sticks, try to make torches. Open your workbench and pile charcoal on top of sticks to create torches. One piece of stick and charcoal will make four torches.

Once you have completed the basics how to play Minecraft, you are now ready to begin building and exploring magnificent structures. Your night-one shelter is done, and you should have some torches, a crafting table, a furnace and a set of wooden tools. You may spend your first night digging beneath your shelter or making new set of stone tools. You may also explore the darkness outside, but you should watch out for the creepers.

Now, this might all be a lot at first to swallow, but like everything, with practice and repetition of playing, you’ll get the hang of it. ¬†There is a great beginner’s guide book to start learning the secrets and ins and outs of playing Minecraft here.







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