What Is Minecraft?

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So what exactly is Minecraft all about?

Minecraft is a sandbox game, in that there is many different ways that you can chose to play and no one defined way that you play, It has been out since 2009 and is only gaining popularity. With 241,920,000 logins recorded per month, you probably know at least one person who plays it. Before you delve into playing the game, having a quick run down of the game will help you to get started!

The main theme in game play in Minecraft is to survive, which means needing to feed yourself and avoid or fight mobs of creatures that appear at night. However crafting is a big part of the game as well as you can craft items from different materials that you find in the world.

Surviving your first night in the game is your biggest challenge. As you enter the game, the first day begins and you’ll want to move quickly if you want any hope of making it through the night. You’ll need to construct a shelter to hide from the mobs of monsters that emerge after dark.

Collecting is an important part of this as you’ll need to collect wood to make a pickaxe to make collecting even more efficient. Making a dirt or wooden shelter and smelting wood into charcoal to make torches is going to ensure that you make it through your first night. Once night hits, the thing that will compromise your safety is going to be the monsters so it’s important to stay in your lit shelter until day breaks again. If you have no way of defending yourself then don’t even try and engage a monster.

If you do engage a monster or die for some other reason, everything you have collected and was in your inventory will scatter at your death site and disappear after 5 minutes while you respawn somewhere else so it can be a pain to get these items back. Finding your way back to your shelter can also be difficult so don’t take any chances early on in the game!

Once you’ve successfully survived your first night and you know how to accomplish that, you can concentrate on other things. Finding food will be your next priority as movement causes your food bar to deplete. Finding food in the world and eating it will replenish the food bar.

Now that you’ve covered the very basics of surviving your first day in Minecraft you can now think about all the other aspects of the game such as increasing your materials, resources and weapons so that you can fight mobs and build better structures and equipment. There are so many different things to do and places to explore, you could even sail to distant lands or build a treehouse. With Minecraft being a sandbox game, the possibilities are endless.

Once that you have a grasp on the general idea of what Minecraft is about and how to play the game, you might want to move on to a more in depth or go through tutorials to help you with the next step. As there are so many different aspects of the game and so many different things that you can achieve within it, you may need to consult some outside resources to help you decide where to go from here.
http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials contains tutorials on every part of Minecraft from crafting to fighting mobs.

Or you could go straight to the source and have a look at the Minecraft website where they have videos of gameplay that could help you out at: http://minecraft.net/game/howtoplay